Health & Environment Applications Lab.

Health & Environment Applications Lab.

Health & Environment Applications Lab.

Who We Are


Textile Solutions Laboratory is dedicated to advancing the textile-based science & technology, aiming to provide sustainable textile solutions for healthier living. The research emphasis lies in healthcare textile applications including the following research topics.

Our Research

Air filtration

Advance the fabrication technology for superior filtration performance.Read More »

Anti-biofouling textiles

Manipulate the surface to grant protective
properties against microbes and biological matters.Read More »

Fiber-based active agent delivery

Utilize fibers as effective carriers of functional
agents.Read More »

Surface Design & Characterization

Develop innovative methods to probe material characteristics.Read More »


Explore the topics related to healthcare textile products and solutions.Read More »

Our News

Sang Hyun Roh, Seojin Jung. Congratulations!

The proposed research titled ‘Application of nanofibers to air filtration’ was selected for the 학생자율교육프로그램 read more

송관우, 한국섬유공학회 포스터 발표

송관우, 이조행, 김주연, 배지현, 전기방사를 이용한 PEDOT:PSS/PU 나노멤브레인 기반 첫음성 제어 웨어러블 전극소재, 한국섬유공학회 추계학술대회, 부산 벡스코 제 2... read more